YEAR 2013


May 01, 2013

Alcoa and The Arc of the Virginia Peninsula Sign $6 Million X-ray Digitization Contract More...

YEAR 2012


March 15, 2012

Town of Penfield to use 'space-age' storage system More...

YEAR 2011

Democrat and Chronicle

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Firm's silicon wafers help preserve Greece's historical records More...

YEAR 2010

The Naples Record

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Digitizing the past More...

YEAR 2008

RIT University News

February 21, 2008

New image archival research helps preserve contents More...

Democrat and Chronicle

March 2008

Henrietta-company-preserves-knowledge More...

Deccan Herald

July 29, 2008

NanoArk Tech archives 'Sarvamoola Grantha' More...

Deccan Herald

July 30, 2008

New tech to preserve manuscripts More...

IT Examiner

July 30, 2008

NanoArk to preserve ancient palm leaves More...

Mosarca Magazine

August 2008

NanoArk's WaferFiche More...

YEAR 2007

RIT University News

January 11, 2007

Ancient Hindu book returns home More...

RIT University News

May 2, 2007

Leaves of Gold More...

YEAR 2006


September 19, 2006

Imaging technology restores 700-year-old sacred Hindu text More...


September 19, 2006

Ancient Hindu text digitally preserved More...

Science Daily

September 20, 2006

Imaging Technology Restores 700-Year-Old Sacred Hindu Text More...


September 22, 2006

700-year-old manuscript that contains the More...


September 22, 2006

US university restores 700-yr-old Indian scriptures More...

Zee News

October 06, 2006

700-year-old Hindu manuscript restored More...

Deccan Herald

October 7, 2006

Madhva’s palm leaves get a digital touch More...

The Tribune

October 15, 2006

Sacred writings on silicon More...

BBC News

Friday, 17 November 2006

Ancient Sanskrit manuscript goes digital More...