Micro Serialization

What it comprises and enables:

  • NanoArk’s automated serialization and tracking software consists of Data Integrity, Audit Trail, and Accountability.
  • Hardware and software for performing photolithography and etching of substrates.
  • Process optimization and on-site customization for specific applications.
  • Serialization of any format—alphanumeric, symbols, and bar codes.
  • Ability to pattern all types of materials—metals, glasses, plastics, thin films, and ceramics.
  • Interface with robotic transfer systems and 24/7 operations.

Industries/sectors it benefits:

  • Arms & Ammunition
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Defense
  • Energy
  • RF & Microwave Devices


  • Ability to monitor and trace parts at customer sites, providing improved performance and efficiency.
  • Utilizes standard thin film processing techniques.
  • Resolves scalable features and provides a method for serializing small and oddly shaped items.
  • Global support infrastructure ensuring worldwide customer success.