What it comprises and enables:

  • Many people use microfilm and trust it to preserve their documents but microfilm can fade and shrink over time. Waferfiche is resistant to high temperatures and large lengths of time in contact with water.
  • Costs about 10x less to store on Waferfiche than microfilm.
  • Silicon wafer that can hold up to 2000 documents depending on the document size and resolution.
  • Compact and easier to store than microfilm.
  • Documents can be read with light and magnification if technology is not available.

Places /sectors that have used Waferfiche

  • Town of Greece
  • Town of Parma
  • Village of Hilton
  • Village of Wolcott
  • Town of Penfield
  • West Webster Fire Department

This product is part of the Waferfiche Ecosystem.