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I wanted to let you know how much I love the ALMRIAH program we are using here in the Office of the Registrar. It is extremely easy to use, but most of all it saves me so much time in my work day not having to go to the basement and search for the records that are sometimes not easy to find. I find that I have more time to finish up other assignments I have before going home for the day.

—BH, Registrar’s Office,
State University of New York College


Almirah is a software solution to electronic document management that allows users to logically maintain, integrate and retrieve with accountability and hierarchy. Almirah offers private cloud capacity, easy accessibility, searchable metadata and excellent search and retrieval functionality.

What it comprises and enables:

  • Easy filing cabinet like functionality
  • Documents stored with Searchable Metadata
  • Easy Search and Retrieval
  • Levels of Hierarchy
  • Specific User Privileges
  • Scan to ALMIRAH™ Software
  • ABBYY™ OCR Search
  • Retention Alerts
  • Integrates with existing databases
  • Security Encryption

Optional Modules/Special Features:

  • Records Management Module  allows users to configure and streamline the indexing process of scanned documents. It also enables custom metadata schemas for each type of document stored in the system. Main elements/benefits  include:
  • Users can quickly build unique metadata schemas for each type of document to be stored in the library.
  • The library administrators can define optional metadata fields as well as the required fields.
  • Email notification of subscribed users whenever an archived document is altered or a new version is stored in the library.
  • Complete access control and accountability based on authentication credentials of users is available.
  • Check-out / Check-in of documents is enforced; the software librarian (administrator) can review the status of all documents that have been checked out.
  • Document retention can be set up based on the company’s retention schedule; an alert will be provided whenever a document has completed its specified retention period.
  • Automatic versioning of documents is in place that allows for several versions of a document to be saved and retrieved.

Remote Web Login Module allows users to retrieve documents from any remote location via the internet. This option can be customized to the users’ needs including authentication controls to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Main elements/benefits  include:

  • Easily access to documents in the library using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. Display and export of documents is possible based on level of access controls assigned to the user.
  • Simple manipulation of documents via the web interface such as drag and drop from one folder to the other,  simple editing of metadata, upload of documents, etc.
  • Access to administrative functions via remote login using a standard browser and authentication or via secure channels. 
  • Scan to ALMIRAHTM Mailboxes
  • Email Archiving Module
  • Workflow Management Module
  • Redaction Module
  • Microsoft Office Module
  • Mobile Platform Module
  • Automatic Archive Module via NAS based Optical Library System

Industries/sectors it benefits:

  • Local government
  • Schools
  • Fire districts
  • Small businesses